DRF(Django Rest Framework) and Vue.js

Likelion 7th
python -m venv venv(powershell, venv 기준 가상환경 activate다.)
cd venv/Scripts/
source venv/Scripts/activate
pip install djangopython startproject spacd spapython startapp user
project, app 만든 이후 파일 구조, splite3는 차후 설명하겠음
spa/settings.py# installed app에 다음과 같은 내용들이 추가된다.
#밑의 pip install을 통째로 복붙한다.
# pip install django-rest-auth django-allauth django-rest-framework django-cors-headers djangorestframework-jwt
#pip list를 했을 때 추가되는 것들
django-allauth 0.39.1
django-cors-headers 3.0.2
django-rest-auth 0.9.5
django-rest-framework 0.1.0
djangorestframework 3.10.2
djangorestframework-jwt 1.11.0
spa/settings.pyMIDDLEWARE = [# 절대 잊지 말자!! middleware 최상단에 corsheaders를 위치시키자.'corsheaders.middleware.CorsMiddleware',...]
# spa/settings.py# cors header settingCORS_ORIGIN_ALLOW_ALL = FalseCORS_ORIGIN_WHITELIST = [""
CORS_ALLOW_METHODS = ('DELETE','GET','OPTIONS','PATCH','POST','PUT',)CORS_ALLOW_HEADERS = ('accept','accept-encoding','authorization','access-control-request-method','access-control-request-headers','content-type','dnt','origin','user-agent','x-csrftoken','x-requested-with',)
AUTH_USER_MODEL = "app이름.앱에 있는 유저 모델 class 이름"SITE_ID = 1REST_FRAMEWORK = {'DEFAULT_AUTHENTICATION_CLASSES': ('rest_framework.authentication.TokenAuthentication','rest_framework.authentication.SessionAuthentication','rest_framework_jwt.authentication.JSONWebTokenAuthentication',),'DEFAULT_PERMISSION_CLASSES': ('rest_framework.permissions.IsAuthenticated',),}#JWT_AUTH 설정을 위해 settings.py 맨 위해 import datetime을 추가하자!!JWT_AUTH = {# If the secret is wrong, it will raise a jwt.DecodeError telling you as such. You can still get at the payload by setting the JWT_VERIFY to False.'JWT_VERIFY': True,# You can turn off expiration time verification by setting JWT_VERIFY_EXPIRATION to False.# If set to False, JWTs will last forever meaning a leaked token could be used by an attacker indefinitely.'JWT_VERIFY_EXPIRATION': True,# This is an instance of Python's datetime.timedelta. This will be added to datetime.utcnow() to set the expiration time.# Default is datetime.timedelta(seconds=300)(5 minutes).'JWT_EXPIRATION_DELTA': datetime.timedelta(hours=1),'JWT_ALLOW_REFRESH': True,'JWT_AUTH_HEADER_PREFIX': 'JWT',}REST_USE_JWT = True
(Bash)python manage.py makemigrationspython manage.py migratepython manage.py createsuperuser




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Ryan Kim

Ryan Kim

Software Engineer

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